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Natural Wool Pellets - 1 Litre Bag

Natural Wool Pellets - 1 Litre Bag

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Our pellets are made from 100% British waste wool from rare breed and commercial flocks in Oxfordshire. They deliver an average value of 7.5-0-6 NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium).

Wool pellets are best used as soil enhancer. They enrich the soil and promote plant growth because they:

  • Retain moisture
  • Increase soil porosity 
  • Build organic matter 
  • Are a long acting fertiliser
  • Are a slug deterrent

Wool pellets act as a sponge absorbing water and locking it away for plants to utilise. The need for watering can be reduced by up to 25%.

Wool pellets are natural, full of essential nutrients and minerals perfect for replenishing tired soils and enhancing composts.

 As the pellets swells they create pore space within the soil making it easier to conduct water, air and nutrients throughout the soil for optimal root growth.

Wool pellets act as a slow release fertiliser taking 6-8 months to degrade in the soil. As they do so they release nitrogen and other essential nutrients which promote plant growth and build soil health.

Wool has microscopic barbs that irritate the foot of slugs. When placed around the base of a plant and watered the pellets form a mat that will deter slugs and snails.

Made from 100% British sheep wool.

Pet & Family Safe

Our pellets are chemical free and 100% natural.

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Customer Reviews

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Fantastic for slugs

Got the wool pallets due to a slug issue and have seen a massive increase after using the pellets. It’s got a nice farm smell to it and actually got my mum and aunt to get a bag each as well. They brought it back to Norway as they have a slug issue as well for carrots and strawberries grown in the garden.

Using it in my terracotta pots for fertiliser.

Overall very happy and surprised how quickly shipment was made