The Team

Eddie and Jamie established Traditional Garden Growers with a mission to create a more sustainable, healthier, and environmentally-friendly planet. Their vision involves enabling individuals to grow their own food using natural methods, while contributing to the preservation of biodiversity for future generations. By prioritizing soil health and nutrition over short-term gains and yields, our aim is to shift the way we approach food production towards a more localized, long-term, and homegrown model. This focus is essential to address a pressing issue in our society - soil degradation.

Our Pellets

We started our pellet journey using our own Cotswold and Oxford Down sheep, rare breeds native to our area. We recognized that wool is an undervalued resource in agriculture and aimed to promote its use in gardens. Soil health is central to our values, and our sheep provide a sustainable, regenerative product for gardeners. We collect waste wool from local farms in Oxfordshire to ensure that our pellets use 100% British wool.

Our focus on regenerative and sustainable practices reflects our belief that investing in soil health is essential for the long-term health of the planet. We are excited to see the improvements in soil health that our wool pellets can bring to gardens.